Holy Moses – “30th Anniversary – In the Power Of Now”

Holy Moses – “30th Anniversary – In the Power Of Now” 2CD (Steamhammer/SPV)

30 years on and Germany’s thrashers Holy Moses are still shredding it out there. Still fronted by terrifying front woman Sabina Classen, whose vocals have been largely credited with originating today’s female death / thrash style, the band continues to deliver its no frills 80s style thrash with scant regard for commercialism. In commemorating their anniversary, Holy Moses (now with GiftDwarf / ex Rebellion drummer Gerd Lücking) decided to re-record 20 of their most favorite songs like ‘Finished With The Dogs’ on this double CD, which now sound a lot more solid in terms of their production compared to their previous versions i.e. thicker guitars and you can actually hear the bass LOL. In addition they offer a coupla new tracks ‘Borderland’ and ‘Entering The Now’ which certainly don’t show any signs of wimping out and continue in German neck snapping thrash style a plenty!

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