Holy Moses – “Redefined Mayhem”


Holy Moses – “Redefined Mayhem” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Prepare for the apocalypse – the maverick in Germany’s metal arsenal has returned. She who cannot be killed – Sabina Classen – a lady whose gruff vocals could shrivel the balls off many a death metaller is back after almost 6 years with a brand new line-up. I dunno if they gave her a bionic body following her motorbike accident but she is looking athletically svelte and with a new found hunger that made her fearsome reputation as the she wolf of the thrash underground! “Redefined Mayhem” is exactly what is says on the tin: still a gruesome thrash fest but now also a precision death machine incorporating dark melodies at times, evil rock n roll and OTT metal elsewhere where whirring thrash riffola sits comfortably alongside wild wailing solos and backed by deep crunching bass lines and nuclear drumming. Classen’s voice is as uncompromising as ever, and bearing in mind she was doing her style a coupla decades before the mainstream press were wowing Angela Gossow, it’s an absolute credit to her for sticking to her guns in being the heart n soul of Holy Moses. More than that, songs like ‘Undead Dogs’, ‘Wet The Knife’ and the prophetic ‘One Step Ahead Of Death’ show a real maturity in their arrangement and professionalism in the band’s tightness with an equally punchy production that puts them in the same raging category as say, Pro Pain. Rounded off by the punk closer of ‘This Dirt’, “Redefined Mayhem” proves that Holy Moses are back and even more dangerous than before with some serious focus but still with their unmistakable fuck you attitude. Beyond that they are the testimony to one woman’s perseverance in the face of adversity – Sabina, you are formidable to the end und we salute you!

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