HOLY TERROR ”Total Terror”

”Total Terror”

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There are some bands that follow me through the ages. Bands that might not be that big or important to others but have left a lifelong lasting impression on me. HOLY TERROR is one of these bands that perhaps didn’t get the attention they deserved back in the day but still means a hell of a lot to me. Emerging in the wake of the first wave of thrash metal Holy Terror was up there with bands like Testament, Vio-lence and all the rest cool second wave thrash bands. This compilation collects all the studio albums along with a live disc. I remember how cool I thought the first album was and what a shame it was that HOLY TERROR didn’t break through bigger than they did. But that was then. I gotta say that the songs have matured really well. Listening to this it doesn’t feel like it’s been decades since this was released originally. That very first album is still my fave but with this being HOLY TERROR, a long time fave band I sit here and enjoy the total catalogue. Anders Ekdahl

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