This EP by Columbian HORDE THOR is actually the B-side to an album called “Roots & Fire”. Yeah I know it sounds strange but that’s the way it is. The A-side has already been released making this a sort of double album. Based on Asatru this lot roams the fields of folk/pagan metal. And seeing as I love the more epic side of Bathory I’ll give this band the benefit of doubt. There might be an epic touch to this but basically it is black metal. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I really don’t get the difference between folk, pagan and heathen metal. It most often sounds like black metal to my ears. Perhaps not so much Bathory as Hades Almighty over this record. And that is not piss poor if you ask me. If you try hard you can imagine pixies and elves and trolls dancing around the fire listening to this lot. I think I’ll join them too. Anders Ekdahl

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