HORIZON’S EDGE “Let The Show Go On”

“Let The Show Go On”
(Fastball Music)

Battle Helm Rating

This Australian band is one that I know of from their first album, which makes it even more fun to discover this new one. I remember that I liked this bands semi symphonic power metal from the first album. I hope that this one has taken that sound further into the stratosphere. I am a huge fan of power metal. I just get to hear enough of it so when an album like this comes along it is x-mas all over again. This Aussie band has a sound that is easily accessible. It doesn’t take long before you are hooked on their music. And if you like me have heard the first album this is just a walk in the park, kinda. This is pure classic power metal with a touch of epic and symphonic. A strong album, again. Anders Ekdahl

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