Hornet – “Hornet”

“Hornet” EP

This lot look like 3 cloned headbangers and Butt – Head for a vocalist LOL. Just as well cos they are as annoying as their insect namesake: loud, pesky and with a great big sting in its tail! Going right back to the early days of ‘High Voltage’ or ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’, Hornet are every bit as loud and abrasive as Bon and Angus were back in the time with their straight up rock n roll. But where AC/DC mixed in the blues, Hornet have substituted good old London punk and buddy, it works a treat on songs like ‘Down To The Bone’ and ‘Second Hand Smoke’ with rough barroom vocals, pure rock guitar and thumping drums. Most of all, their sound is so unashamedly loud and yet so honest with no effects or pro tools – just blood, sweat and rock n roll baby.

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