Hornet – “Skies Are Falling”

Hornet – “Skies Are Falling” (SED Records)

‘..you can’t make me! you can’t break me!! you can’t change me!!!..’ Raucous punk rock metal from the streets of London! This lot barged their way to the front with their loud n abrasive EP a coupla years back and have now returned 200 gigs on with a full blown debut, confidently funded by a Pledge music campaign. Straight outta AC/DC’s no frills just honest rock n roll book, Hornet play it like they pack it in their sting – gravelly throat strained vocals, deep crunching bass, chunky blues based rock riffs that would leave a guitar steaming and a crashing rhythm – the perfect accompaniment to loud kick ass songs like ‘Second Hand Smoke’, ‘I’m Gonna Be The Man’ and ‘Sweet Lips’. This is sweaty, beer fueled man rock beaten out on steaming stages to the soul of pure rock n roll!

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