“The Chills”
I don’t want no pansy ass metalcore dressed up to look cool. I want Horrendous to be full on, unashamedly, unapologetic metal. I really need that fix of raw, unadulterated metal to the bone right now. Please give it to me. I can’t take the shit the radio keeps spewing at me. I need to cleanse my ears with some really good metal. Horrendous luckily turned out to be just what I wanted. This is some pretty cool extreme metal. I like the fact that it isn’t just death or just thrash but something in-between. It’s like you get the best of two worlds for the price of one. How can that be nothing but good? I also like the fact that it isn’t as complacent and nice but a bit rough on the edges. It gives it a bit more to chew on. Anders Ekdahl

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