Horrified – “Of Despair”


Horrified – “Of Despair” (Stormspell Records)

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If you’re a fan of old school English death metal bands like Carcass and Cancer, then Horrified are the next generation taken from that ilk! Savage, chopping quality riffs backed by merciless pummeling drums and tortured, haunting vocals show these Geordies have got it a plenty when it comes to packing a wallop. However, there’s also loadsa dark and twisting melodies, along with a strong use of melancholia that sets them apart giving that quintessential English sound that makes the measure of this band, who started in 2013 and have already produced a well received debut in “Descent Into Putridity“. Since then Horrified have been busy cementing their reputation as a serious name in the underground with intense live performances up and down the UK and on an international scale. Clearly that tightness onstage has now transferred to the material on this 8 track sophomore, also available as a limited tape run of 70 via Till You Fukkin Bleed and a 300 vinyl run by Infernal Devastation. From the impressive twin guitar work of Rob Hindmarsh and founder Dan Alderson, who also handles the captivating vocals, to Matthew Henderson’s technical snare work on tracks like ‘Palace of Defilement‘, ‘Amidst The Darkest Depths‘ and the 8 minute closer of ‘The Ruins That Remain’, Horrified certainly live up to their name, but equally have sought to go deeper in evoking plenty of emotion, definitely making them ones to watch in the extreme metal world.

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