HORTUS ANIMAE “Piove Sangue – Live in Banská Bystrica”

“Piove Sangue – Live in Banská Bystrica”
(BlackHeavens Music/Aesthetic Death/Azermedoth Records/Metal Scrap Records)

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I am not much for live albums. Unless you were there and want something to remember it by live albums to me are more of a novelty thing. But that is just me. There are obvious people out there that love this kind of things. And for them this very first HORTUS ANIMAE live album might be the biggest happening ever. I do like the music. I have always been a friend of the music. This live album celebrates the 20th anniversary of their very first demo in 1998. I wasn’t there for that very first recording but it is still an interesting idea to highlight the very beginning of things. As a collection of HORTUS ANIMAE songs this works very well. Anders Ekdahl

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