Hot Coffin – “Hot Coffin”


Hot Coffin – “Hot Coffin” (Triple Eye Industries)

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If DIY is your thing, then Hot Coffin does what it sez on the lid. Playing a raucous but rich blend of punk, rock and alt (which youngsters call ‘post’), Hot Coffin mix conventional punk a la Rocket From The Crypt with old school DIY legends like Fugazi and Mudhoney. Now with Chris Chuzles (ex-Disguised As Birds), the band employs a multiple vocal approach of raw punk mixed with a gruffer Lemmy style as well as the usual shout outs. Equally, while they’re content to hammer away garage style, the songs are all overlaid with tasty alt / punk melodies and very catchy choruses, culminating in many cases with plenty of emotional intensity. That said, there’s also a darker tone to the sound which makes Hot Coffin a lot heavier than your run of the mill punk band, at times bordering on a noise band with plenty of crescendo riffing in Christian Hansen‘s guitar, amidst some blissful clanging melodies. Best of all, the 8 songs like ‘The Bait’, ‘A Lesson In Sleep’ and my personal fave ‘Hammer Throw’ have so much going on that despite being a short album as per punk tradition, each additional play would reveal some hitherto unnoticed aspect or sound to them. Now signed to Milwaukee’s Triple Eye Industries, this self titled sophomore, which will be released as a limited edition ‘butter cream’ colored 12″ vinyl and include a digital download card, sounds like they’re in good company, even if some prior fans might consider the departure in sound to be tantamount to a new band.

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