House By The Cemetary – “Rise Of The Rotten”

House By The Cemetary – “Rise Of The Rotten” (Pulverised Records)
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There don’t seem to be any limits to Death Metal overlord Rogga Johansson (Bloodgut, Dead Sun, Down Among the Dead Men, Echelon, Eye of Purgatory, Fondlecorpse, Furnace, Ghoulhouse, God Cries, Grisly, Humanity Delete, Johansson & Speckmann, Lobotomy Dept, Massacre, Megascavenger, Metal Against Coronavirus, Monstrous, Necrogod, Paganizer, PermaDeath, Pile of Skulls, Putrevore, Reek, Revolting, Ribspreader, Severed Limbs, Stass, Stygian Dark, Svitjod, The Cleaner and Mr. Filth’s Van Murders, The Dead Cold, The Skeletal, Those Who Bring the Torture, To Descend, ex-Carve, ex-Demiurg, ex-Eaten, ex-Foreboding, ex-Minotaur Head, ex-Skeletal Spectre, ex-Swarming, ex-Terminal Grip, ex-The Grotesquery, Catacomb, Disruptor, House By The Cemetary, Troikadon, ex-Banished from Inferno, ex-Graveyard After Graveyard, ex-Sinners Burn, ex-The 11th Hour, ex-Deranged (live), ex-Bone Gnawer, ex-To the Gallows), even in a global lockdown, he returns in yet another supergroup saluting the majesty of early 90s HM-2 Swe-deth! Joining him on this onslaught are Monstrosity frontman Mike Hrubovcak on bass / vocals and Paganizer drummer Matthias Fiebig as they take their name from Lucio Fulci’s 1981 cult horror film about the 150-year-old Dr Freudstein who lives by using his murdered victims’ parts to regenerate his blood cells! Completed by a first-class package of Ronnie Björnström’s (Bodyfarm, Bone Gnawer, Cut Up, etc) mixing and mastering and artwork by Malaysian illustrator Iron Gravefix (Thorns Of Hate, Abigail, Bone Gnawer, etc), the 9 tracks deliver the classic mix of brutality mixed with catchy stylish grooves and tantalising hooks to make “Rise Of The Rotten” a sure winner. As Johansson’s whirring riffola cuts in on ‘Into The Murky Depths’ to Fiebig’s double bass drumming stampede, Hrubovcak hits in with his hollow growl while hammering down hard on his bass hewing, producing the massive grooves to excite and satiate any Swe-deth lovers’ bloodlust – wow! Pounding in with savagery on ‘The Wretched One’, the HM-2 sound is overpowering as the riffs and bass violently swing and crash in the huge grooves that induce instant demonic possession as Fiebig continues his drum and cymbal obliteration while keeping you transfixed through the song’s massive twists and turns like a gigantic tornado. Ending in ‘March Of The Undead’ with possibly the best Swe-deth groove of the album, there can be no resistance as the song compels you to headbang as the trio go for broke on an utterly OTT performance that really pushes your neck to be still attached to your body! An undoubted stellar release, where the quality of the renowned names more than shines their pedigree as musicians.
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