HULDRE “Intet Menneskebarn”

“Intet Menneskebarn”
Danish Folk metal! Now we are talking authenticity. Or are we? Where does folk metal really come from and what is true and not true? I would like to think that if there ever was a true folk metal origin it would be in Scandinavia. I get a Storm (Norway) feeling when I listen to this as well as a bunch of Swedish folk (rock?) bands that keep popping up. Bands that aren’t even remotely close to metal but still heavy as hell. Don’t know too much about Danish folk music but I’m guessing this has more in common with Northern Nordic folk music than actual Danish folk music. There is a Sami feel to it all. Perhaps a Greenlandic Nåid feel too. Whatever its origins are this is pretty eclectic and not your common folk metal. Pretty cool stuff that will spin many times in my stereo. Anders Ekdahl

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