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Battle Helm Rating

I cannot say why I have not checked out Raubtier. Something tells me that I would actually like them a lot but for some reasons I haven’t felt like checking them out. But now that the main character from that band is releasing his solo album I will be there. I will not even try to compare Pär hulkoff’s solo trip with the main band Raubtier simply because I’d look like a fool trying. But this I can say, this is epic in the way Amon Amarth are epic, no other comparisons made. In a way this makes me think of the Swedish singer Roger Pontare gone metal. It has that epic feel to it that Pontare had in the try outs for the Eurovision song contest. I don’t know why I am as surprised as I am that this is so metal. In a way this reminds me of Sabaton’s metal. They too have that epic feel to their metal. Music doesn’t have to be intricate to be good and this is really good. Anders Ekdahl

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