HUMAN CULL “Split Second Extinction”

“Split Second Extinction”
(Goatprayer Records)
I am not the greatest connoisseur of grindcore. I really don’t understand this whole 30 seconds blast of intensity. I want my songs at least 2 minutes long. Why should I sit through 40 songs that last only 30 seconds each when I can have an album of 2 minutes songs to enjoy thoroughly? Human Cull are by no standard bad but once you’re through the 11 tracks on this record the commercial break in your fave TV-show has just ended. I might be very Swedish in saying this but I feel that it’s a waste of space to do 11 songs in 10 minutes and then leave the rest of the CD empty. Whatever. I do enjoy the racket that Human Cull creates on this disc. It’s like a warm cosy feeling of wetting yourself. You get beaten to a pulp from the word go and ten minutes later you wonder what the hell just happened. That’s the way I like my grindcore. Anders Ekdahl

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