I can’t say that I’m the hugest fan of grindcore. I tried listening to Napalm Death’s “FETO” album on headphones back when it was new but I wasn’t too impressed. I still like Napalm Death but I liked “Scum” much more that the follow-up. This split between the UK and Canada might just be the tipping point for me. In my finest hour I have no problem listening to this kind of music. I can even enjoy it to its fullest. HUMAN CULL are way heavier than I thought. This is almost death metal heavy but with a grindcore edge. With HOMOLKA I get more of a Sore Throat kind of feeling. You know that old English sarcastic edge of “nothing really matters and everything is shit so why should I care”. This is to be more traditional grindcore with that heavy edge that you could find in 80s British grindcore. As I said on a great day this works for me. Thankfully today is that sort of day. Anders Ekdahl

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