”New Beginning”
I do not read a single word of Finnish and I don’t think that too many outside of Finland and Sweden does either. Yet all info on HUMAN WASTE DISPOSAL UNIT’s record is in Finnish. Not that it is a major issue. By guessing I have figured out the most essential parts of it. This is the kind of metal that I have very few clues to what it is all about. I don’t even know how to characterize it so I’ll simply call it metalcore how wrong that may be. But you got the break downs, the harsh vocals, the clean vocals and everything else that I’ve come to associate with modern metalcore. But that doesn’t really mean shit in the long run. I might have been awfully critical of metalcore the way it is played today but I gotta admit that slowly I’ve come to succumb to it and now have no problem with it. HUMAN WASTE DISPOSAL UNIT have with “New Beginning” an album that could very well make them a name on an international scene. If people learn Finnish to begin with. Anders Ekdahl

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