HUMANITY DELETE/CARNAL GARDEN “Anthems of Doom – Lethal Onslaught”

”Anthems of Doom – Lethal Onslaught”
(Iron, Blood and Death Corporation)

Battle Helm Rating

Split albums are a hard beast to crack. They can be some of the greatest things since sliced bread, filled with really cool stuff. Or they can be bread stuffers, filled with left overs. This one has the makings of something great. It is almost like getting two Eps for the price of one, or something like that. Rogga’s HUMANITY DELETE is death metal. Greek CARNAL GARDEN are death metal. A double dose of death. HUMANITY DELETE are that really heavy, thick death metal that has old school vibes. Not the fastest of the lot but heavy enough. And good. CARNAL GARDEN starts with what sounds like a classic Entombed sound. And then continues in the same way. This is pure fucking nineties Swedish death metal. Man, does that make me a happy dude. I was right in thinking that this had the makings of something good. Anders Ekdahl

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