Hundred Days – “Mission Exodus”

Hundred Days – “Mission Exodus” (Rogue Rock Records)

Blazing hard rock from Britain! Hailing from the cider capital of the world (i.e. Somerset – also famous for hosting Glastonbury) and named after the hundred days in the Napoleonic Wars, I’m highly proud to say these Brits stand as tall as their redcoat ancestors all those centuries ago. This is full blooded, sweaty man’s music the way it should be played – with fiery passion, loving soul and style befitting a country gentleman naturally! Yanked out rock riffs as thick as Cheddar cheese, raw rock vocals that could fell a knight and scrumpy jack thumping drums kick it on songs like ‘Suicide Joe’ or ‘Whatever Happened To You’ and stomp all over Hughie Lewis’s ‘Power Of Love’ lol! Best of all, they have a simple yet original sound beholden to none although hints of Alter Bridge, AC/DC, and Zepp are there but what more could you ask for – it’s man hugs all around mate.

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