HUNGRY DAZE “Back To My Future”

“Back To My Future”
(Diamonds Prod)

Battle Helm Rating

As I am new to this band I tried looking them up on Metal Archives, because if it isn’t there it is not worth knowing. Or at least to close to that truth. But I did not find anything on HUNGRY DAZE. It does not happen too often. Just because the band isn’t on Metal Archives doesn’t mean that they are shite. On the contrary. This band is far from bad. In fact, I like what I hear. This is heavy metal but of the more smooth kind. With strong melodies and sing along songs. at times this makes me think of a more heavy metal Van Halen, David Lee Roth era. It might sound strange but it will make more sense when you hear this. There is an old school American vibe to this. I like what I hear. Anders Ekdahl

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