Huntress – “Starbound Beast”

Huntress – “Starbound Beast” (Napalm Records)

This is the highly awaited sophomore from LA’s occult HM band, Huntress. Fronted by four octave range vocalist Jill Janus, “Starbound Beast” owes more than a nod to 70s Judas Priest with it’s trippy proto metal sound that Huntress have now amped up and modernized for today’s age. Janus certainly has a fine voice and in many cases she’s used it in a very sexless way i.e. not being typically female in being able to also handle growls and screams on songs like ‘Blood Sisters’ and ‘Destroy Your Life’. Whilst not being a sonic siren along the lines of Battle Beast’s Noora Louhimo, Janus’s style is aggressively suited to the meat n potatoes metal of Huntress – proof no further required then the Lemmy penned ‘I Want To Fuck You To Death’ where like a lioness she bays ‘…I am a huntress, when I want you here, you’d better not fail..’. Definitely a case of beauty is the beast!

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