“Hustlers” – movie review


“Hustlers” DVD, Blu-Ray (Lionsgate Home Entertainment)

‘…holy shit, Jerry Springer is a Jew?…and Jesus is a Jew?!…’. Aka “Pawn Shop Chronicles”, “Hustlers” is widely acknowledged as one of the late n great Paul Walker’s last films, and is indeed a fast n furious multi narrative old school pulp movie featuring an all star cast – in some of their most unlikely roles! From Brendan Fraser playing a washed up Elvis impersonator to Elijah Wood as a serial sex slaver to Matt Dillon as an avenging angel, Vincent D’Onofrio, Lukas Haas and Thomas Jane (as “The Man”) are also chucked into this bizarre and politically incorrect grindhouse movie featuring hillbillies, vicious torture scenes, serial killer midgets and a black Santa Claus! Despite his nice guy clean cut rep earned in the “Fast And The Furious” movies, Walker throws his all playing Raw Dog, one half of a meth fueled, Styx lovin’ redneckkk duo (WTF! – ed) in a OTT blitzkrieger roadtrip right from the start. Although the rest of the movie shifts gears down, it certainly gets more disturbing and horrifically gory later – thanks Matt – with it all the narratives coming together in a shock finale! Directed by Wayne Kramer (“The Cooler”, “Crossing Over”) and screen played by Adam Minarovich (‘Ed’ from the “Walking Dead”), “Hustlers” takes their dark, cynically black humor to a high octane level that will no doubt offend many as they wonder how A list actors could’ve stooped this low – you will either love it or be cringing as you hate it!

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