HYBRID “Angst”

I don’t get people that buy hybrid cars only to use the petrol part of the car. What’s the use? Do they feel good about themselves for buying a supposedly environmentally friendly car? Not that the band HYBRID has anything to do with being environmentally friendly, or perhaps they do. What do I know? There is very little about their sound that says that they are friendly minded. This is a harsh and hostile as it can get when you deal with a cold exterior. Listening to this is like being lost on the frozen tundra of the North Pole. Everywhere you look all you can see is ice and snow. There is a very claustrophobic feel this album. You feel trapped with no exit to find. It’s like watching a horror flick. You know that you’ll get scared but you can’t stop watching. With this album you know that you’re dream bad dreams about cold, desolate environments but you can’t stop listening. Anders Ekdahl

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