HYDROGYN “Private Session”

“Private Session”
(Rapid Fire Entertainment)
I really liked Hydrogyn the last time I heard them but that was a couple of albums back. What they sound like today I have no idea of. This is hardrock in that classic American way that was big in the 90s. Big melodies and great hooks should be enough to get you to open your ears to Hydrogyn. Add some edgy guitar work and you might even have a contemporary hardrock act to worship by. Like I said I liked Hydrogyn’s previous efforts and I see no reason to change that assessment. There are some bands that you really want to see make it big and to me Hydrogyn is one of these bands that should be given the big break. This is an album that should appeal to a broad hardrock/metal audience. There is something for everyone and that’s no lie. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me. Anders Ekdahl

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