Hyperial – “Industry”

Hyperial – “Industry” EP (www.hyperial.pl)

If you like your metal varied then look no farther than the eclectic metal of Poland’s Hyperial! From Kamil “Grochu” Grochowski’s deep growling vocals to heavy dirge riffs and precision blast beat drumming it’s not a million miles away from France’s own Gojira, especially when they add in some funky / groove bass runs to the rhythms on songs like ‘Of Concrete And Ash Age’, ‘The Eternal Paradise Of The Illusion’ and ‘Rotted Society’. However, it’s Aneta “Darklady” Pawtel’s keyboards that make all the difference not just in being so prominently featured in the mix but adding their own devil dancing melodies and powerful ambiance to create a surround wall of noise – man it’s wild – like I said, eclectic metal!

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