HYPERION ” Dangerous Days”

” Dangerous Days”
(Fighter Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This Italian heavy metal band that was formed with the intention of playing classic heavy metal. And listening to this album I gotta say that HYPERION have managed rather well with what they set out to do. This is heavy metal that sounds similar to the stuff I grew up with in the 80s. If I were to place this in any sort of sub-genre I’d place it in the heavy power speed metal compartment. Or at least I’d invent that compartment to put HYPERION in. But that pretty much sums up what they sound like. You get a bit of all on this album. And as schizo as it may sound as well does it work. This is the kind of heart pumping metal that I listened to back in the day. And that I still listen to as often as possible today. A really cool album of classic metal. Anders Ekdahl

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