Hypocrisy – “End Of Disclosure”

Hypocrisy – “End Of Disclosure” (Nuclear Blast)

lol these guys must be Nuclear Blast’s longest signing band as I swear they formed pretty much at the same time over 23 years ago! Although Swedish, Hypocrisy embody a number of different elements from US death metal to melodic death to heavy metal. “End Of Disclosure” is no exception and takes us right back to the band’s early beginnings with main man Peter Tägtgren’s screech mixed with guttural vocals, whirring riffs and masterfully propelled by Immortal’s Horgh on the nuclear drums (no pun intended). Despite all this, the real power of songs like ‘Hell Is Where I Stay’, ‘When Death Falls’ and ‘The Return’ actually lies in the melodies that only make the material catchy but adds real substance and atmosphere to it. Additionally the production is amazing, which isn’t surprising given Tägtgren’s reputation as a producer in his own right, but he’s gone for a simple-is-effective style this time by minimizing the keyboards and instead concentrating on each riff to be heard with a no interference guitar sound – it works a treat in my opinion allowing the music to be appreciated while not taking anything away from the band’s obvious power. “End Of Disclosure” continues Hypocrisy’s tradition in fine style while reflecting a band comfortable in their maturity.

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