HYRGAL “Fin de Règne”

“Fin de Règne”
(Les Acteurs de Lombre)

Battle Helm Rating

As I wrote in my review of HYRGAL’s “Serpentine” album I have always liked French metal. It hasn’t always been an easy relationship but never a boring one. I have no doubt that this new album from HYRGAL will be as challenging as the previous one. This is the second one and the follow up to “Serpentine” from 2017. I am looking forward to hearing this new one. If you like your black metal twisted and full of anguish and pain then this is for you. Listening to this is like a cathartic bath where you cleanse yourself of the dirt that you carry with you. You really feel the pain when you listen to this. This one is best played in the dark with only candles lit. An acquired taste but one that I like. Anders Ekdahl

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