HYRGAL ”Serpentine”

(Naturmacht Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

As soon as this started I knew that I was French. And as I looked it up I got it confirmed too. I have always had a special place for France in my metal heart. It hasn’t always been an easy relationship but it has never been a boring one. And HYRGAL are no exception to the rule. It is so easy to just name drop Deathspell Omega whenever a band comes along that falls outside the mainstream black metal norm, so I will not do so this time. For some reason my mind kept wandering towards Treponem Pal when I listen to this. Not because Treponem Pal was black metal in any way but because HYRGAL have that off the beaten track feel to their black metal. But not so much that it makes it totally unlistenable. This is still like honey for the ears if you like stuff that doesn’t really follow the normal path. Anders Ekdahl

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