I Am Abomination – “Passion Of The Heist”

I Am Abomination
“Passion Of The Heist” EP
(Good Fight Music)

Continuing on from the concept based on the last track of their debut “To Our Forefathers”, this EP opens with some crazy shit on the intro that sounds like something outta JJ Abrams 2008 film “Cloverfield” before the modern electrometalcore that fuses melodic licks to emo harmonies to crunching rock riffola – or as IAA put it themselves ‘..precision point progressive metal..’! Listening to songs like ‘Abduction’, ‘Ascension’ (featuring Attack Attack’s Caleb Shomo) and ‘Invasion’, I couldn’t believe it was recorded by only 2 members (vocalist Phil and Nick on geetar) and an amazingly talented session drummer given there’s so much going on during each track, from a mixture of sounds to also a variety of emotions – IAA are deep man, but still in a light hearted fun kinda way.

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