I DECLINE “Time To Shine”

“Time To Shine”
(Horns Raised Records)
Just by looking at the cover to “Time To Shine” you’d think this would be another death metal record, or at least a thrash metal one. The truth lies somewhere closer to Monster Magnet or Corrosion Of Conformity. Imagine a clash between thrash metal and stoner rock and you get a picture of where you find I Decline musically. On paper a mix like that might seem pretty strange but in reality it works like a charm. And so much better than anybody ever could imagine. There’s a groove to “Time To Shine” that puts it heads and shoulders above must other metal releases today. If you’re not for mixing different worlds then you’d be advised to stay away from this album. If you feel the slightly adventurous then by all means give this a go. I’m glad this came my way. Thank you I Decline. Anders Ekdahl

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