If you kill everyone then who will hear your album? Perhaps not the brightest move to kill off all potential fans. That aside I get a metalcore vibe from this band. And seeing as I’ve almost come to terms with this modern metalcore sound I kinda look forward to hearing this album. I get an almost deathcore-ish feel listening to this. Or is it grindcore? I can’t tell them apart these days. Or perhaps it is just plain old death metal? Whatever it is it is heavier than a ton of bricks. There is a thickness to the sound that makes me think back to the American way of paying death metal that started with Cannibal Corpse and has since evolved to be a genre all its own. It took me some time to get to grips with this style of death metal but now I’m quite comfortable with it. And this is an above average attempt at it that has given me enough pleasure to wanting to spin it again. Anders Ekdahl

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