I LIED “World Insane”

“World Insane”
(Violent Journey)
I’m not much for lying. My motto is that it is better to tell than being told upon. Hopefully this band hasn’t lied about their music so that I will be blown away by a massive metal album. But as long as the band is true to its ideal who am I to complain? This is a full on thrash blast. No need lying about that. There is something very liberating about being blown away by a thrash attack not heard of in a very long time. I LIED brings to mind what it feels like to be in front of the speakers when they are turned up to 11. This is like a Demonic-Testament in full anger mode. So much harsher and so much more lethal but still with a The Haunted sensibility. Throw in some At The Gates too and you get a pretty good idea of where to find this on the metal scale. Anders Ekdahl

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