I SPIT ASHES “Inhaling Blackness – Reflecting Light”

“Inhaling Blackness – Reflecting Light”
I Spit Ashes are another new German metal act making a name for themselves with their debut album. This is metal that makes me think of a less death metal Dark Tranquillity or a more controlled At The Gates. There is a strong Swedish air to this album. I like that it makes me think Swedish metal. This was a positive experience. I can’t put my finger on what it is that makes this so very attractive. It might be the use of keyboards as a sound filler or it could just simply be that the songs are good. But there is something to this album that grabbed me from the get go. It could be that this just reminds me so much of At The Gates that I don’t want to stop listening to it. Whatever the reasons are this is good no matter whom they remind me of. Anders Ekdahl

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