I, The Writer – “The Prisoner’s Dilemma”

I, The Writer – “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” (Self Made Records)

One to keep an eye out for in the melodic metal core league is I, The Writer, a sextet from London’s burgeoning suburbs with equal amounts of talent and furor! Although still in their youth they are already making an impact thru their OTT live shows even if the music, although competently played, is very much trademark standard metalcore. Mixing JB and Mitch’s screamo n clean vox, it’s the same for the music that contrasts raw aggressive riffs with heaps of guitar melody and catchy vocal harmonies on songs like ‘To Be A Man’, ‘Chin Up’ and ‘This Night Will End’. There’s a definite anger underlying the material and I suspect it’s from JB’s own reflection of seeing his father doing time in prison but there’s also a definite positivity there too, indicating hope that should be encouraged by this promising release.

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