IAMSIN – “Kings & Queens”

IAMSIN – “Kings & Queens” (Inverse Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Music to mosh to – but equally to mellow out! There’s nothing particularly standout about this young Finnish mello core band other than what they do, they do well enough to garner people’s interest. Formed in 2013, this is their long awaited debut and impressively it doesn’t disappoint! Chock full of energy, there’s a definite intensity to IAMSIN, who offer the usual contrast of screamo vocals and raw djent riffing contrasted magnificently by heartfelt vocals, pop harmonies and most of all, some truly incredible melodies that bury their hooks deep into your emotive side – and keep them there over the course of 12 enjoyable tracks right up until the finish! As I said, despite there being nothing here that I haven’t already heard elsewhere, IAMSIN have won me over through with their well arranged, quality english sung songs from ‘One By One’ to ‘Raven Blood’ and ‘What Dwells Within’ that keep your attention focused throughout with their unrelenting positive energy and most of all, their catchiness. Some 4 years in the making and “Kings & Queens” is truly a royal product from which to build a greater pedigree.

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