Ichabod Krane – “Day Of Reckoning”


Ichabod Krane – “Day Of Reckoning” (Pure Steel Records)

Searing jet fueled metal courtesy of ex Sleepy Hollow drummer Tom Wassman and ex Halloweeners guitarist Rick Graig and bassist George Neal! Joined by Wulfhook’s frontman Jeff Schlinz expect nothing less than all 4 cylinders firing on this Priest meets Cage meets Nevermore modern take to the old school. Wailing but soulful Halford-esque vocals meets Graig’s impressive guitar work – which actually manages to sound like twin axes thanks to the man’s burgeoning ferocity when not indulging in classic heavy metal melodies and virtuoso soloing – matched by a solid pounding rhythm that never lets up on songs like ‘Fallen Angel’, ‘Dark Valentine’ and ‘Evil in You’. There isn’t anything remotely wimpy or artificial about the 10 searing tracks on this impressive album – Ichabod Krane give it all to you in their music without holding back or trying to be ‘experimental’ but sticking to the epic sounds of the past, passionately executed through their technical delivery and mastered in the smoking production. Definitely one of the stand out albums this year, Ichabod Krane is modern Heavy Metal 101%.

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