ICONS OF BRUTALITY “Between Glory And Despair”

“Between Glory And Despair”
(Cyclone Empire)
It’s no secret that I don’t get trends and fads. I have no idea what’s new today and I really don’t care. All I’m concerned with is if I like what I hear. I couldn’t care less if it is the latest hip album I’m listening to. Hence my lacking knowledge of new metalcore or why I never ever cared for emocore. ICONS OF BRUTALITY will never ever be accused of being trendy. This is death metal the way death metal was meant to be played; fast and brutal. That they are Dutch just adds to this being really cool death metal. I think I’ve only come upon one really bad Dutch band in my 31 years of being a metalhead. There is an Asphyx gone (more) brutal feel about this album in a way that I find it really hard to resist this album. That I can hear more common denominators in their sound just adds to the feel that this is really cool. Anders Ekdahl

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