ID:Exorcist – “Ungrateful Death”

ID:Exorcist – “Ungrateful Death” (Inverse Records)

These guys formed over 10 years ago wanting to create an extreme band in every way. Well, over the course of time reflecting the inevitable line up changes they finally arrived at a band that brings together melodic death core with some djent chucked in for good measure! Hoarse aggro vocals mix with clean harmonies driven by a melodic lead along mix with a death rhythm. Chuck in the keyboard atmospherics when they’re feeling tranquil but otherwise chunder it all into a djent groove on songs like ‘The Quillotine’, ‘Kill For A Cure’ and ‘Wear Your Blisters Proud’. Normally I’d haveta say this might be a risky move but given their experience and that this is their second full length release I guess these ID boys know their shit – born in hate, filled with sadness, but delivered with passion!

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