Idols For Dinner – “Tenant Of A Declining World”

Idols For Dinner – “Tenant Of A Declining World” (M & O Music)

Death in Paris! This young French band play a mix of melodic death along the lines of The Black Dahlia Murder with metalcore vocals courtesy of Cristofer Rousseau. But the dual guitars of Paul Biller and Nicholas Stackpoole are what keep it going on songs like ‘Legally Instituted Murder’ and ‘Scarlet’ – at times a furious whirlwind of riffola whilst during others tempered by suave melodies – even going so far as on the tranquil Spanish acoustic of ‘We The Lost Travellers’. Completed by the blurring rhythm of Camille Bechet and Othman Belhadj on bass and drums respectively, “Tenant Of A Declining World” faithfully transcribes the emotion, violence and inspired beauty of this powerful, yet technical band.

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