Idols Of Apathy – “Life Lessons”


Idols Of Apathy – “Life Lessons” EP (

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Fast rising up the UK ranks come Idols Of Apathy, a djent metal core band whose previous EP “Unheard Words” picked up national recognition, and led to the band been featured in Kerrang!. Having playing a string of successful support shows, they have since built up solid a underground following, and now comes the next installment! With the aptly named Jack Dervish on hoarse vocals, prepare yourself for some serious mind bending djent riffage and tons of slick math fretboard melodies coming across on this EP’s amazing production, which gives you an idea of where this youthfully talented band have set their heights. Trading off one another effortlessly, the THREE pronged guitar attack of Dean Chignell, Tom Johnston and Joe Gregory leaves nothing short in any department, be it in tight riffage (backed by the chopping rhythm of Elliott Black on bass and drummer Stuart Roche), or jumping djent from one axe to another in delivering amazing melodies unhurriedly and without any holes in the band’s sound – why other bands don’t employ three guitarists is beyond me, as the sheer sound delivered by Idols Of Apathy on well cool songs like ‘Bipolar’ (the band’s new video single), ‘Once A Cheat__Always‘ and ‘Backstabber’ leaves no doubt in my mind whatsoever.

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