IFERNACH ” Maqtewek Nakuset”

” Maqtewek Nakuset”
(Nekrart Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I cannot think of any other genre than black metal where one-man and solo projects are as prominent. I don’t know what it is about black metal (other than the total misanthropic, hating the world aesthetic) that is so suited to be alone doing it. IFERNACH is from Canada, at the end of the country apparently. Canada is a big ass country scarcely populated and that reflects in this. You get the feeling of this being recorded in a shed in the middle of nowhere. This is primitive in style and sound. Just the most basic. But that is the kind of black metal that I grew up on and the one that still holds a special place in my metal heart. There is an almost punk feel to this that I appreciate. And the fact that it is Canadian just adds to my liking. Anders Ekdahl

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