Il Nino – “Epidemia”

Il Nino – “Epidemia” (AFM Records)

Still brewing their storm, these East Coasters have always had something of an enigmatic sound – brewing together aggressive modern metal with Latin rhythms – you either like ’em or loathe ’em! “Epidemia” is the bands 6th release and while their furor remains, the Latin element is mainly in the percussion and less up front, with almost emocore melodies taking more of the centre stage on songs like ‘Only The Unloved’, ‘Demi-God’ and ‘Forgive Me Father’. Cristian Machado’s vocals remain as brusque as ever and the rhythm is nothing less than a brutal tornado, driven by the energy of Il Nino’s twin guitars that are the melodic eye in the pleasant calm before the storm of being churned back into the brutality that is “Epidemia”!!

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