IL SEGNO DEL COMANDO “l’incanto Dello Zero”

“l’incanto Dello Zero”
(Black Widow Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is one band that I am not at all familiar with. But that is kinda the charm of it all, not knowing what to expect when you put it on. Will it be Bird, fish or in between? Listening to this I am a bit confused. I have a decent idea of where they are coming from musically but it still puzzles my brain trying to really place them. To my ears this is some sort of prog rock with a very strong horror vibe to it. In that way they remind me of the cult Italian band Goblin. And the fact that they sing in Italian makes my point even stronger. This feels already now as a grower kind of album. I have to listen to it until the penny really drops on me. Still a good one for a progressive album. Anders Ekdahl

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