“Trisma “
(Drown Within Records / Wooaaargh / Earthquake Terror Noise / 5 Feets Under / Abekeit / Hackebeil)

Battle Helm Rating

As much as I love 7” singles as much do I hate them. Sure, you get exercise when you have to constantly go up and turn side but you also only get one track on each side (at worst) and that to me is a bit too little for me to be satisfied. And it is even worse when it is a split single. This is as you might have guessed already a split between ILL NEGLECT and LAMBS. Two bands that I have not yet encountered on my journeys through metalland. ILL NEGLECT has a grindcore vibe to their songs. Not so much post black or metal. But if you like grindcore in the more hardcore school you will this. I am only giving this one thumb up. LAMBS on the other hand are more Napalm Death-ish in their approach. Perhaps not so hard as ND. A bit more mathy metal. As a split this works. Two bands that despite belonging to the same genre delivers different takes. I will not play this all night long but I do like what I hear. LAMB more than ILL NEGLECT Anders Ekdahl

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