ILLDISPOSED “Sense The Darkness”

“Sense The Darkness”
These Danes have been going for what seems like forever. I remember hearing them for the first time in the 90s and I’ve tried following them ever since but have during periods of my life lost track of them. That is the case this time too. I can’t remember the last album I bought by them but it seems to have been a while back. Illdisposed has always been about death metal too me where a band like Konkhra been more thrash. Illdisposed have also appeared to be too clever for they own good in that they haven’t maximized their full potential. This is a band that should be so much bigger than they are but due to various reasons they still seem to be an underground entity. Illdisposed are heavy. No doubt about it. Illdisposed have never been about speed. It is more important to write great songs than to speed through it and be the first at the finish line. This is much more the turtle than the hare. And as great as Illdisposed can be they are on this album. They kinda remind me of the older Grave-ish death metal sound mixed with their own unique Danish brand. Anders Ekdahl

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