Illnath – “4 Shades Of Me”

Illnath – “4 Shades Of Me” (Pitch Black Records)

These Danes have been thru many changes since they were formed in 1999 as a kinda symphonic black metal band. Today only founder guitarist Peter Falk remains, and now joined by a female aggro vocalist in Mona Beck play aggressive modern metal with death vocals – deffo plenty of headbanging here folks! Heavy chugging riffs and a matching pounding rhythm set the pace for Mona’s growls n screams on songs like ‘Blood Warrior’, ‘Gallow Hill’ and ‘No Salvation’. Although still an uncommon phenomena, Beck’s style lends further weight to female DM given that while being aggressive they are somewhat cleaner than her male counterparts allowing for wider audience appreciation of the lyrics et al. Falk’s guitar work has also grown and now includes subtle melodic death harmonies but this nonetheless remains primarily aggro metal to make your ears bleed!

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