IMMOLATED MOTH “This Broken Mind”

“this Broken Mind”

Battle Helm Rating

Being a one man band can be hard enough if you are well but when you suffer from an ailment of sorts the struggle becomes even greater. But then you have the upside. You can use that struggle in the music and turn the negative into something positive. Therapeutical death metal for example. I am not a huge fan of the twiddly diddly guitar mastery that you find in the songs of IMMOLATED MOTH. I am much more into the groovy, stomach churning groove of Swedish death metal. This is guitar wizardry is too much The Great Kat for my taste. But beyond that I find myself liking what I hear. This is death metal at the more extreme end of things. So if you like early Cryptopsy and that kinda death then you’ll find pleasure in this. For the rest of us it is a challenge. Anders Ekdahl

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