Immolation – “Kingdom Of Conspiracy”

Immolation – “Kingdom Of Conspiracy” (Nuclear Blast Records)

If you love technical death metal then this will have you in rapture – as one of the original purveyors of this style these New York legends have been going since the mid 80s, having set the blueprint that many would follow in their wake. Deep growing vocals, awesomely fast technical drum work and most of all, Robert Vigna’s outstandingly complex riffs and fearsome technical solos that make him one of death metal’s greatest guitarists define songs like ‘Bound To Order’, ‘God Complex’ and ‘A Spectacle Of Lies’. Despite their ferocity, things have moved on decades later with the band lyrically shifting away from traditional DM concepts to deal with more societal issues ranging from state control to manipulation of the masses by the powerful elites – not to worry, it’s still dark folks ha ha! Likewise the music has also become more palatable, with careful arrangements and subtle melodies here and there skillfully handled by Vigna but in no way detracting from Immolation’s brutality – if anything they enhance it! Like the other technical death metal I rate – Nile – Immolation have masterfully taken their sound to push out the boundaries without weakening their core and “Kingdom Of Conspiracy” is their next outstanding release on their evolutionary journey.

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