IMMORTAL “Northern Chaos Gods”

”Northern Chaos Gods”
(Nuclear Blast)

Battle Helm Rating

You can say whatever you like about the videos that came with the “Battles In The North” album from 1995 but IMMORTAL has always been my fave Norwegian black metal band ever since I bought that very first 7” that Listenable released in 1991. When IMMORTAL released “All Shall Fall” in 2009 I thought that this was gonna be the great comeback for the band but something happened and nothing much came from it. That album came after a 7 year long silence. Fast forward to 2018 and we see yet another comeback from the cold northern gods. Listening to this today makes me realize a couple of things. First how much I have missed IMMORTAL without really knowing it. Secondly how much of an influence the band has been on the international black metal scene. Sure, I hear traces of Bathory in their sound but IMMORTAL took it further and turned it into something arctic cold. Listening to this you can really hear how the wind blows in the Norwegian hills. There is no doubt that this is IMMORTAL. Abbath or no Abbath. This is pure fucking IMMORTAL. Anders Ekdahl

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